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Todd's Lawn Care offers Services in the areas of landscape maintenance, design, and installation.


irrigationWe install and maintain sprinkler systems for homes, parks, and businesses. Proper hydration of your lawn is important for the health of the grass and plants. We also repair any brand of sprinkler system. If you are reconstructing your property, (adding a swimming pool for example), we re-route sprinkler systems by capping off the existing system and creating a path around the new area. Drip irrigation implements technology that ensures durability, lower maintenance, and water and energy savings and can be on-surface or sub-surface. A popular solution to standing water problems is to tie rain gutter downspouts into your drain system. Pump systems are used to pump water from your pond or water well or to increase water pressure in hoses and sprinklers.

Start Up Landscaping

start-up landscapingTodd’s Lawn Care works with customers on start up landscaping projects for newly built home and businesses. This includes everything from basic grass seed planting to bush and scrub planting, new trees, stone pathways, and anything to add greenery and customization to your outdoor space. We consult with customers who are just getting started in creating their landscape to uncover their needs, goals, and offer suggestions.


winterizingTodd’s Lawn Care winterizes lawns to protect them during the harsh cold winter months. The first step is to apply fertilizer to keep the grass dormant, but not dead during the winter. Aerating is a process that uses spikes to add holes across the lawn for planting seeds. This insures that new seeds get deep enough into the soil. Then we spread cool weather grass seed evenly over your lawn. The last step is to rake and water the lawn to keep it neat and moisturized.


lawn installationWe install man made ponds, sidewalks, hardscaping walls, and trenches. Todd’s Lawn Care also puts in flowers, grass, trees, sculptures, and any landscaping design you work with us to create. We go full circle with our projects from design to estimates, installation and maintenance.


lawn repairIf you have an area of patchy grass or a diseased tree, we will treat and repair the damage, planting new grass and trees when needed. Cracks in retaining walls, concrete paths, and other landscape structures usually come from poor installation, so if you have something that wasn’t done by us, we will come out and repair it. Weed removal also helps greatly to improve the health of your lawn, and we do that as well. Hand over your landscaping problem to us and we’ll take care of it for you.


lawn maintenanceTodd’s Lawn Care helps maintain your lawn and property so you don’t have to. We will cut your lawn, fertilize, spray for weeds and pests and remove debris, including leaf cleanup in the fall. We also trim bushes and trees and perform meticulous maintenance and care for parks and golf courses.


lawn designTodd’s Lawn Care creates original, beautiful outdoor living spaces that fit each client’s desires and needs. We combine creativity and functionality in every job we do. No two designs are the same. Incorporate anything from trees and small plants to flowers, decorative stones, walls, fountains, ponds, and wooden structures. Bring us your detailed vision or give us a general guideline and we’ll run with it. Each design is approved before it is executed and changes can be made any time before the work is complete. We pride ourselves on one-of-a-kind designs that turn your land into a dream yard.